Looking For A Web Hosting Service? Here Are All The Deets!

With a plethora of web hosting providers in the market, one is left wondering which web hosting suits my needs. This article will shine a light on SiteGround and few plans that it offers under the various services that Siteground provides. It will guide us to the best plans, the benefits and probably, help us make a better decision on why one need to choose SiteGround services.

In our earlier post on how to take my business online, we had talked about what all needs to be done to take your business online, and hosting your website was one of the steps.

SiteGround is a one stop solution for choosing and registering your domain name and purchasing a plan that best suits your business, helping your business establish an online presence.

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First on the list is SiteGround, which started in the year 2004, and is one the best web hosting service that we can opt for in the market. With registered offices in US, UK, and Spain and a number of data centers around the world, SiteGround has established themselves in the hosting services industries and therefore, according to us it’s the best one available out there.

Under its hosting umbrella, it provides services in Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Woo Commerce Hosting and Cloud Hosting. Since, this article focuses specifically on Web Hosting, we will be talking only about that aspect.

Now, let’s talk about the plans that SiteGround offers with some of its features:

Plans:Start upsGrow BigGo Geek
Price: Special/RegularSpecial: $3.95/mo Regular: $11.95/moSpecial: $5.95/mo Regular: $19.95/moSpecial: $11.95/mo Regular: $34.95/mo
Web Space10 GB20 GB30 GB
Visits Monthly~10,000~25,000~100,000
Essential FeaturesYesYesYes
Premium FeaturesNoYesYes
Geeky FeaturesNoNoYes

*Special Prices are available as part of the discount on the website on 36 months plan and subject to change in the future.

SiteGround is also officially recommended by WordPress. Apart from that, global support and fast servers are some of the other qualities that make it a service to choose from.

For more information on plans and other hosting services and solutions you can visit the SiteGround Website

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