Features To Look For In A Web Hosting Service – Editor’s Pick

SiteGround is one company that strives on providing reliable hosting service with innovative features.

Few innovative features include, SuperCacher, a built-in caching tool to help website load faster. Ability to install Let’s Encrypt SSL with just a few clicks, helping user secure their website.

Suitable: For Newbies, individual bloggers, small-to-medium businesses, freelancers, non-profit organizations, website developers, advanced WordPress users, eCommerce, online store, and large website forums.

Reasons why we recommend, SiteGround is the hosting service for you:

  1. Extremely Reliable – 100% host uptime, at most times

We have been using SiteGround for the past one year, and one thing is for sure that it has been extremely reliable and we never had to wait for the website to load or give us any error in the past 365 days.

Reliability is one factor that has to be stressed upon when it comes to hosting services, as it directly affects the ROI for a business whenever there are issues with site loading errors.

Image below shows you the Uptime monitoring for SiteGround in the month of June 2019, indicating the reliability of the service (100% in the last 30 days).



  1. Free site migration for GrowBig and GoGeek users

Migration of sites can be troublesome or too difficult at times, if you are not following the steps correctly, which needs technical knowhow also. Well! SiteGround has the perfect solution for non-techies and lazy website owners.

With the purchase of GrowBig and GoGeek plans, SiteGround gives you one free professional to handle the site migration task for you. The support team will transfer your website to your SiteGround server without you having to worry about any details. If you purchase the StartUp plan, this service is chargeable at $30 (for each website transfer).

  1. Server location in three continents (Reduce Latency)

Data transmission is limited by physical constraints, so when your website is hosted closer to the end user, the load time is faster.

Site load time directly impact your ROI, because faster loading means better user experience, meaning you get better conversions online.

SiteGround offers six servers location to choose from when signing up:

  • Chicago and Iowa, United States
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Amsterdam and Eemshaven, Netherlands
  • Singapore

This allows website owners to host closer to their users, thus making your website more efficient.

  1. Officially recommended by WordPress.org and Drupal.org

If you have built your website/blog on WordPress or Drupal, SiteGround will be a great fit for you as it is recommended officially by WordPress and Drupal.


  1. Let’s Encrypt SSL Support: Install SSL with few clicks

Website security is essential for two reason; firstly, it protects your website from viruses and malware and secondly, it ensures your end user of safety of their personal data while they are using your website.

SiteGround lets you ensure you get full security when you sign up for a new hosting plan by offering free Let’s Encrypt SSL and Wild Card SSL. The best part, it’s easy to install with just few clicks to any of your domains.

Add New SSL to domain:


Let’s Encrypt SSL:


Image above shows you, that Let’s Encrypt SSL is installed on the website and can be checked on the SSL Manager tab in the control panel.

Final Word:

If you are looking for a reliable hosting service that provides a robust customer support and has some premium features, SiteGround is the service to choose for. Note: Since, the renewal charges for SiteGround are on a steeper side, be sure to purchase the 36 months plan, if you are looking at hosting for a long-term.

To purchase web hosting plans from SiteGround, Click Here or on any of the pictures on the right side of the page.

To avail discounts at signup and for step-by-step guide on how to purchase SiteGround, Click Here.

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