Smart Lighting – 4 Simple Reasons Why You’ll Love It (2019)

Perhaps you have forgotten to switch off the lights right before going to bed?

Did you know that you can remotely manage your home lighting with ease? With a tap on your smartphone then you can just flip your lights off or on without having to get out of bed.

In this article, we’ll give you four simple reasons why smart lighting options are useful and practical.

Bright bulbs vs. smart switches
The first choice you need to make is between smart bulbs and smart switches. Each technology has its own benefits and drawbacks. The things you have to consider would be:

Bright bulbs triumph within this segment. Typically, smart bulbs have Wi-Fi capabilities and you install them simply putting them like a standard lightbulb. You then use a smartphone program to control the smart bulb directly.

On the flip side, smart switches aren’t as easy to set up as smart bulbs. In order to put in a wise change, you have to add an extra element to your existing wiring which then simplifies your bulb. If you already have an ordinary light bulb installed, that means replacing the old light switch with a smart one or adding a wise apparatus behind the old light switch. Additionally note that smart switches require that you get neutral wires, which aren’t common in homes older than 30 decades.

Within this segment smart switches have the advantage. We don’t need to discuss exact pricing, as it varies greatly between manufacturers. You can discover cheap smart bulbs that cost less than buttons, but greater quality bulbs are much more costly.

A smart switch might cost up to a quality light bulb, but a wise switch can control multiple bulbs. For example, you could control your entire room’s lighting with only one clever switch. Beside that, a wise switch will work with any kind of light bulb. You do not need to worry about compatibility – as is sometimes the case with smart bulbs.

If you want your light bulbs to change color, then you’ve got to decide on smart bulbs. The wise switch is related to an”ordinary” light bulb, and that will not have the ability to change color. Using a wise switch you will be able to remotely switch the lights on and off. A few wise buttons also let you dim the lights (change their brightness). But if you would like colour, then smart bulbs are the only option.

The wise switch takes the cake here. In real-world usage, they’re only more sensible, and there are a few reasons why. With a smart switch, your now wise light bulb may still function as ordinary light bulb. In case your system crashes, your heart breaks, your own Wi-Fi is down, then you can still switch your lights off and on with the light switch. Just imagine you have guests over and they try to turn the lights on or off. That would be amusing at first – and then all hell will break loose! If a person (perhaps by error ) turns off it, you can’t control the bulb through the phone anymore.

So, without any further ado, here are four main reasons why you’ll love having smart lighting inside your home.

1. Smart Lighting = Safety
Smart lighting is a very wise way to make it look like you are home – even when you are not. For some people this is one of the chief reasons for smart home lighting. If that is the goal, then you wish to make it look realistic, your smart lighting ought to run on a particular set schedule to conceal the fact that you really have things automated.

It is possible to set them on an auto timer with sunset and sunrise. Even if you go for 14 days on a visit to Spain, then you may put the lights to be on in the evenings. The funniest phone call I’ve ever had was in my trip at Barcelona from some close friends who reside in the neighbourhood. “Are you guys home, we thought you’re in Spain?”

2. Bright lights dim!
One of our favorite smart lighting characteristics is certainly the ability to change the brightness of the lighting. You may want to have just a lot of light when you’re watching TV or having a romantic dinner and much more mild when you read a book. You are able to easily adjust the brightness with a simple swipe your smartphone.

If you want to have the ability to dim your lights using a smart switch, be sure the switch supports dimming.

3. Control your lights from anywhere
Smart lighting is suitable. Aside from the fact, that you may control them from anywhere using your smart phone, there are an infinite number of potential use cases, if you are imaginative enough! By way of instance, you may come home into lit house without needing to leave the lights on and waste electricity. Using the gateway, it is possible to combine automation of light with other intelligent devices. You can always adjust schedules, so the lights turn on when it gets dark and turn away if it is time for bed. Maintain an open mind and you’re going to have many options to get your life a bit more suitable.

4. Decide on any color you like
Just to remind you – usually merely smart bulbs are able to change colour. It’s possible to change color with a smart change when you’ve got a device, which has the possibility to modify colour, i.e. RGB LED strips. Ordinary light bulbs most likely do not have this feature. With smart bulbs it’s possible to make”scenes”. Maybe in the daytime you prefer a yellow tint, at the day an orange one and in the night a red one. You can save different scenes and utilize them afterwards manually or perhaps automate them. Higher quality clever bulbs have over 16 million colors.

These are the four main reasons that we think smart lighting is amazing.

But wait!

Beside that, there are lots of other reasons, that will conquer your doubts about smart lighting.

Some wise bulbs are essentially plug’n’play, other need a heartbeat . Smart switches need some specialized skills to install – or an electrician. It is a simple job for an experienced professional and it should not take him long to install smart switches in the whole house.

This isn’t the case today. Smart bulbs can cost no more than 15$. Beside that, smart lighting is power-saving, and that means you save money on electricity every month.

There are many options, programs, colors and combinations! It also just feels”cool” and futuristic to have clever lighting. We get compliments from our clients all the time!

This way the combinations are almost endless. Think of great combination ideas and just place them via your smartphone app.

Voice controls are gaining in popularity every day – and you can control your smart light using your voice. It requires a bit more technical knowledge to put this up, however you can connect your smart light to voice supporters like Google house, Alexa, Siri, etc.. This way you can control the lights without even having a change, which can come handy in certain scenarios.

Smart lighting options are useful, fun, affordable, easy to install and safe to use. They could make your house feel more comfortable, more glistening and more protected. You will use them every day you have them, and you’ve got a lot of very strong choices to choose from. So yes, when you haven’t done so yet, you should carefully consider updating your ordinary lighting to bright lighting. Which ones you get depends on what features you are interested in, what platforms you would like to associate with, and the scope of your ideal setup.

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